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At its most fundamental, flamenco is an expression of emotion and experience. In creating "FLAMENCOLOGIA", Alma Flamenco wanted to return to the palos jondos, or deep forms, that are the foundation of flamenco.

To this end we created a programme that includes many older forms - such as the Trilla, Martinete, Abandolaos and Soleá - and more traditional presentations, including singing without accompaniment and, in the final piece of the first act, Jaleos de Lebrija al Golpe, dance accompanied by singing and clapping.

"Alma Flamenco" brings the essence of flamenco, celebrating the culture, traditions and origins of this now international artform

Introducing Alma Flamenco:


Paqui de Ronda (Dancer)

She began studying Spanish dance in Barcelona,  with Enrique Burgos and RosaGarcia  flamenco with Tati.

She graduated from Spanish dance at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and Dance in Madrid and attended castanets study under Maleras Enma method,  obtaining concert certification.

She moved to Madrid where she participated in workshops and classes with  teachers such as Manolete, Maria Magdalena, Josele, The Cyrus, Carmen Cortez ...      

in 1992 participated in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games under the direction of Cristina Hoyos and becomes part of your body dance that performs  in the opera Carmen at the Teatro del Liceo in Barcelona. Always under the   direction of Cristina Hoyos the company back on for two consecutive seasons  at Covent Garden in London.

Paqui has worked in the video "a whiter shade of pale" by Annie Lennox and   participated in the footwork of the soundtrack of the movie "Zorro" with Antonio Banderas.

For six years she worked in England, in different companies or as a soloist in  opera, flamenco clubs, conventions .. traveling to countries like France, Germany, Turkey, Czechoslovakia ..

Currently based in Ronda (spain) and runs a flamenco group called "La Bailaora"   and working in local flamenco festivals throughout Andalucia.

Also she performs  weekly shows at the restaurant "La Pilaster" property of the bullfighter Fran Rivera and dedicates herself teaching dance in the cultural association in ronda.



Pedro Viscomi Martín "Patilla" (Guitarist)




Born in Zurich (Switzerland) on 11.12.1977, son of an Italian father and mother Andalusia (Huelva).

His Flamenco inheritance he received from his grandfather, who was a big fan of Flamenco and owner of the Peña Flamenca Town where he grew up practically.

His first guitar lessons were received from his father, who is a big fan of the guitar and later was formed with Agustin de la Fuente (Jerez de la Fontera) taking him at the age of 14 years as second guitar accompanying the dance in various toured Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy.

Since then he has been accompanying dancers / is like Ursula Moreno,  Isabel Amaya, Elena Vicini, Francisco Espinosa and Maria del Mar Moreno, Lucia "The Piñona" Maria Chania, Lola Jaramillo, Silvia Paz and many more.  He has studied with Gerardo Núñez, Paco Serrano, Claudio Mermoud, Rafael  Trends, El Entri, El Viejín, Niño de Pura, Paco Cortes, Eduardo Rebollar and Pedro Sierra etc..

He has also worked with various groups of Fusion and World-Music where he had   the occasion to build and expand their knowledge in the field of Jazz, Fusion and     ethnic music. He acted in many scenarios throughout Andalucia, Mexico and throughout Europe.



Felipe de Algeciras (Dancer)


Born in Algeciras, Felipe started dancing at just 13 years of age, studying in the conservatory of Algeciras and Málaga.
Aged 16, he started working with the flamenco troupe Sonakay. Two years later he became a member of the prestigious flamenco troupe Soleá, working at numerous
festivals in Andalucía and touring in London for the first time in 1991. Felipe made his debut at London’s West End with Show Theatre.

Felipe returned to Spain with the offer to work in England, which he would accept two years later. He settled in England where he became the first bailaor at the prestigious tablao Costa Dorada, the only tablao in the UK.

Following his debut, Felipe worked in Sadler’s Wells Theatre, The House of Commons and he appeared with the English National Opera at London’s Coliseum.

In the course of his long career in the UK, Felipe had the honour of dancing for Diana Princess of Wales and Princess Margaret.
His strength and powerful footwork led him to work for the movie The Mask of Zorro with Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. More recently he worked as choreographer on the set of the British movie, Dot The I, staring Natalia Verbeke and Gael García Bernal.

In 2002 Felipe founded his own company Alma Flamenca, with which he toured successfully in the UK and all around Europe, performing in prestigious theatres such as the Royal Opera House, where he shared the stage with El Cigala and other great artists.

In 2007 Felipe de Algeciras started running the tablao Costa Dorada and teaching flamenco classes in London in his own studio.

 He also travelled regularly to schools in Glasgow, Belfast, Dublin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, etc., as a guest teacher.

In 2009, after a long career in the UK, Felipe decided to move back to his native land: ALGECIRAS, where he is working on his new company and his own dance school.



Olayo Jiménez (Singer)

Born in Northern Spain, Educated in Sevilla/Madrid.
He comes from a gypsy family of flamenco singers, dancers and basket canasteros makers of the north of Spain.His Grandmother "La Milia" was a flamenco singer and friend of the great Carmen Amaya, together they made their first debut in Barcelona.

Olayo dominates the Palos del Flamenco way Of singing and he is a master in this kind of Flamenco.

He studied in Sevilla with the teachers Naranjito de Triana and Jose de la Tomasa in the foundation Cristina Heeren. Tireless expert of singing, in addition he studies it and interprets it in a personal way, and can sing to dance and his force of voice gives this a deep feeling.

Apart from singing he also learned to Dance in the school "Amor de Dios" in Madrid the arte Flamenco from the Great Artists of the moment in the Candelas and Casa Patas. He learned to dance "Pataitas po buleria" and his dancing was famous for this in the "Candelas" y Fiestas! For his great talent to the dance.
He has worked in the Netherlands in Theatres and Local television and has worked in the Conservatorium of music in Rotterdam for many years with Paco Pena.

He has performed in the Royal Albert Hall in London in the programma "Save the Children" and shared in the line-up on stage with "Joaquin Grilo", "Diego El Cigala","Dorantes", "Juan Carmona", "Cantores de Hispalis" Etc.

He has worked with Flamenco Express (Together with Cantaores like "Malena de Jerez" y "Mateo Solea").

He has sung in several prestigious theatres in London and he has worked in the movie "Dot The I" (El Punto Sobre la I) as a flamenco singer with Actors "Natalia Verbeke" & "Gael GarcÌa Bernal" , directed by Matthew Parkhill.



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